Thursday, 10 August 2017

Organizational Behaviour: The impact of Hope,Optimism and Resilience

  • Organizational Behaviour:

 Organizational behaviour is often seen as the way in which the employees of an organization interact with each other on daily basis. It is always seen that the behaviour of an employee mostly depends on job satisfaction, work happiness and organizational commitment.

Every organization expects their employees to display an ideal behaviour at work place. However as every human being is different with their own set of habits and preferences, excepting an ideal behaviour is a far-fetched dream. The employees who matches most of the organization’s behaviour expectation could be considered an ideal one.

  •        Desirable Behaviour:

  •          Commitment: 

A person accepting a task should always be committed to complete the given task in the given time frame. He/she should always be ready to provide their utmost efforts for the fulfilment of organizational needs. Such committed individuals in fact inspire the people around to put in more effort thus improving the performance.

  •          Responsible: 
Every individual in the organization must feel responsible towards the organization. Every task however small or inconsequential it may be, should be handled responsibly. If every individual starts acting responsibly then the losses to errors or mistakes could be reduced substantially.

  •          Confidence: 
Confidence is when an individual has been actively engaged in his or her work and its challenges. Individuals, who exude confidence in their skills and ability to learn new skills always end up becoming an asset to the organization as they are always in the quest of constant improvement.

  •          Undesirable Behaviour:

  •          Passivity: 
Individuals who just perform the work given to them without providing any constructive feedback or creative ideas always bring the morale down of the team.

  •         Resistance to change: 
Change is a fundamental aspect of today’s world. Without change, we would stagnate and cease to exist. Nowadays when everything around us is changing at such a rapid pace resisting to it would only lead to our downfall. Some individuals are wary of changes but at the end of the day we have to accept them for the organization’s progress.


  •          Hope:

Hope is something that helps us fight through the tough times, it gives us the confidence that at the end of the day everything will be alright. Even though the undesirable behaviour are tough to get rid but in times like these the hope of achieving success keeps us going.

  •          Optimism: 

The idea of looking at everything around through a positive attitude has been helpful since a long time. In dire situations when you are facing several problems and don’t have anyone to rely on, at such a time this optimistic attitude can turn things around.

  •          Resilience:

Humans are learning creatures. The fear of failure should never affect you to try something new. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, all that matters is how quickly you recover from these difficulties and learn from those mistakes.

  •  Conclusion:

The world is neither white nor black similarly no behaviour is good or bad. The traits which help you succeed could be considered while those which affect you negatively could be considered bad. But there is no shame in accepting our bad points, it takes courage to do that. Our behaviour us good or bad is for others to judge, all that is left to us is to overcome the challenges we face,. We should always remember “Losing Hope and having negative outlook is half the battle lost”.